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hello. :3

My name is Danielle.
I felt like joining this lj community because I have no friends here and I would like to make some.
I'm fifteen years old, and I'm turning sixteen in less than a month.
Hobbies....well, I like to play guitar, as seen in my userpic. I'm not incredible but I'm not a total beginner either. I've just been trying to teach myself how to play, since October. I've always wanted my own guitar teacher, though. ;_;
I love to hang out with friends. <3 My best friends mean so so much to me.
I listen to a ton of music, it's basically my companion when others aren't around.
I like to read a lot and write stories/poems/songs, whatever floats to my mind first.
I used to have a tumblr, but then I got sort of paranoid that my friends would find me. Partly my fault, though, since I kept sending them links to funny pictures I would find on there.
random fact: I've had a stuffed panda plush since I was 9. I got it at the Rainforest Cafe in Atlantic City. I still haven't named it. It's genderless, too. I'm just really bad with names--not that I forget them, but I'm always indecisive about naming.
I don't know what else to say.
Talk to me. :)
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